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Deloitte works closely with the mining sector to drive innovation and positive change.  ‘Value Realization Through Energy Innovation’ is a major initiative by Deloitte that included forward-thinking approaches to the reduction of energy use in open-pit mine operations.


Sophisticated mathematical models had been developed demonstrating clear benefits to innovative approaches in electrification, materials movement, and systems-level optimization in the design of open pit mines.


The challenge was in communicating these findings with mining executives in order to drive the conversation around innovation in the mining industry.


In order to visually communicate these complex new technologies for the mining industry, we worked closely with Deloitte on a multi-format approach, creating an animated explainer video and a  series of large format wall posters, driving discussion on innovation with mining executives.


We worked closely with a leader in mining innovation, Deloitte Canada and the mining innovation team, applying Perceptual Collaborative Sketching to distill vast amounts of information into a clear concept.


We implemented an Integrative Design approach, showing the current state, near future, and ideal state for an approach to mining considering shareholder, societal, and environmental considerations.


We visualized innovation at the component level and systems levels communicating the importance of electrification and innovative approaches to efficient materials haulage.

"With each passing year, energy costs in the mining sector become more prohibitive . These include rising costs for diesel fuel due to falling grades and longer haulage distances, building long-distance transmission lines to connect to local grids, transporting fuel to high-altitude sites and installing appropriate ventilation systems . Renewable energy alternatives can help resolve these issues and wrestle runaway costs back under control ."


-Adriaan Davidse, leader in mining innovation, Deloitte Canada


Both the explainer video and the set of wall posters have been highly effective at engaging discussion with the mining executive community.


The poster set was well received when presented at Deloitte University.


The multi-format approach has proven effective at eliciting and guiding the conversation around mining innovation.


The clear visual presentation of complex concepts has allowed for a more engaging, natural and free-flowing discussion resulting in an improved engagement in the mining innovation space.

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Collaborative Sketching for Innovation


Animated Explainer Video


GIGAMap Large-Format Wall Poster


If you have a complex, large-scale innovation initiative, whether industry-wide or internal to an enterprise, Perceptual Visual Innovation will help you better inform and engage with your innovation partners.


Enhancing innovation communications with visual presentation will deepen engagement, with an increase in both the credibility and knowledge transfer of your innovation initiative.


Visual presentation places all innovation partners in a shared mental space, moving beyond convincing to collaboration.


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