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Perceptual has proven its ability time and again to help startups and corporations defeat complex  challenges through research and design.


1) We research. Thoroughly.


We start with a clear understanding of the potential solution space. We research the competition, the latest academic papers, and innovation that can be re-applied from different industries.


Our ethnographic and systems analysis field studies have ranged from the study of a state-wide waste management system to the inner workings of national decision-making.


2) We check assumptions.


We systematically identify any hidden assumptions along the entire chain of decisions informing the challenge at hand.


Our clients are smart.  You know what you're doing, and we help you do it better in the best way that we can.  If we don't understand something, we will learn it.  But if we know of a better way, we will tell you.


3) We design process, we don't just apply it.


We have a solid and proven process.  In fact, we have many of them.  Good process comes from applying the insights and discoveries that  others have learned through trial and error.


Great process comes from recognizing the limits of those processes, and adjusting or changing them as the circumstances require.


4) We co-design.


We collaboratively design solutions for highly complex business and industry problems. We have over a decade of global experience working closely with senior executives, scientists, engineers and designers to clarify business challenges and co-design massive-scale systems for sectors from the mining industry to financial trade.


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